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Strutture abitative e non, lo spazio domestico nella facies di Castelluccio

2021 - Istituto italiano di preistoria e protostoria

P. 1-29

  • The study of the domestic architecture and of the internal organization of settlements pertaining to the facies of Castelluccio has been often neglected, due to the paucity of extensively investigated settlements, with the exception of the well-known case of Manfria. The general picture of the domestic architecture in Ancient Bronze Age Sicily, as it also emerges from the observation of the settlement of Manfria, is extremely variable, spanning from small curvilinear structures, to larger ones, which are characterized by both the presence of functionally distintincted zones and internal divisions. This variability probably corresponds to functional differences among the structures, spanning from the smaller ones, which appear more suitable for functional activities rather than for dwelling, structures of medium dimension, more likely devoted to dwelling, and finally those which, for their larger dimensions, might have been intended for particular practices and possibly used at a collective level.
  • A reconsideration of these issues will be attempted here. This will be based also on the analysis of the findings from these structures, of the presence of functional elements (internal or outer hearths, platforms etc.) and of their spatial relationships, with the aim to individuate similarities and differences that may lead to a more informed functional interpretation. [Publisher's text]

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Rivista di scienze preistoriche : LXXI, 2021