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La mobilità a rete tra multi-modalità, intermodalità e integrazione dei servizi

2018 - Franco Angeli

17-37 p.

  • In the last decades, the study of transport has taken on a more "intermodal" approach, in order to recover in an overall vision the movement of people and goods. This paper reconstructs the main themes related to the development of transport networks in the XIXth and XXth centuries, recalling the sources and some studies on intermodality, conducted by economists, jurists or technicians. The paper is dedicated to the state interventions in the first half of the XXth century; transport policy in the late XXth century, with collection of data and coordination institutions; intermodality of goods and containers, interports; integration of passenger services. [Publishers' text].

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Storia e problemi contemporanei : 77, 1, 2018