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mReplay : Mobile Sports Replay and Fan Democracy - Schubert, Erich - Firenze : Firenze University Press, 2005.Chapter
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Firenze University Press
Schubert, Erich ; Riley, Patrick F.

mReplay : Mobile Sports Replay and Fan Democracy

Firenze : Firenze University Press, 2005.
ID: 2284517
DOI: 10.1400/41109http://dx.medra.org/10.1400/41109
Permalink: http://digital.casalini.it/10.1400/41109
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Sample PagemReplay : Mobile Sports Replay and Fan Democracy - [Schubert, Erich, Riley, Patrick F.] - [Firenze : Firenze University Press, 2005.]
Firenze University Press
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Axmedis 2005 : proceedings of the 1st International conference on Automated production of Cross Media content for Multi-channel distribution : volume for workshops, industrial and applications sessions, Florence, Italy, 30 November-2 December 2005
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