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Discover Torrossa

The most complete digital platform for academic publishing in the Romance languages, continuously updated and enriched with new content, Torrossa is the ideal starting point for all your academic research, study or personal reading. Torrossa offers content in electronic format from over 300 publishers from Southern Europe, in particular from Italy and Spain, with a specific focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences. scholarly and research publications

What can I find on Torrossa?

  • Academic research in digital format
  • E-books and e-journals
  • Articles and chapters

What can I do on Torrossa?

  • Search thousands of resources, create an account, buy and download content
  • Study texts, search within the text, read, copy and print the content you buy

How can I access the texts?

  • Sign in wherever and whenever from your pc, smartphone or device
  • Make secure and simple payments with PayPal or credit card
  • Keep track of your purchases easily from your personal archive

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