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Book, Magnetic nanostructures : a promising approach towards RE-free permanent magnets, Lottini, Elisabetta, Firenze University Press
Magnetic nanostructures : a promising approach towards RE-free permanent magnets
2017 - Firenze University Press
ID: 4335088
ISBN: 9788864535753

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    152 p. : ill.

    • This thesis reports the results of studies conducted at LAboratory for Molecular Magnetism (LA.M.M.) of the University of Firenze concerning the synthesis and characterization of rare-earth free nanostructured materials for permanent magnet applications. Ferrite-based magnetic materials doped with transition metal ions are studied with particular attention to the correlation between their magnetic properties and nanostructures. Firstly, the magnetic behaviour of single-phase ferrites nanocrystals with enhanced anisotropy was analysed, in order to under stand the correlation between the final properties and particle size, shape, crystallinity, composition, etc. Then, hybrid bi magnetic core|shell nanoparticles were prepared focusing on the aftermath and required conditions of exchange-coupling establishment between the two moieties.
    • Elisabetta Lottini have earned her PhD in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Firenze. Author of 8 scientific articles on peer-reviewed journals, her research field includes magnetism in nanostructures, nanostructures synthesis and characterization. [Publisher's text].
    • Includes bibliographical references.