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Book, Religious internet communication : facts, experiences and trends in the Catholic Church, Arasa, Daniel, editor - Cantoni, Lorenzo, editor - Ruiz, Lucio Adrián, editor, Edizioni Sabinae
Religious internet communication : facts, experiences and trends in the Catholic Church
2014 - Edizioni Sabinae
ID: 2907712
ISBN: 9788898623099
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    “Over the past two decades the Catholic Church has continued to expand its utilization of the Internet to spread its message in a variety of online outlets. Many of these unique Catholic uses and online approaches are outlined in detail in this book. Herein lies this book’s strength and major contribution to the current study of religion and the Internet. It offers readers and researchers a comprehensive overview of Catholic usages of Internet communication. The authors provide a solid review of the creativity and motivations of Church innovators who have utilized different facets of network technologies to extend the Church’s work and solidify its internal communications.” (from the Preface by Heidi Campbell). Besides presenting a map of the related research field, and original in-depth studies, this book features fifteen cases encompassing various application areas, from Vatican online communication, to that of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, up to the websites of Opus Dei and Communion and Liberation. All of the cases present unpublished data and offer an important contribution to better understand the richness and complexity of online Church communication. Religious Internet Communication is targeted, first of all, at the academic community, which studies communication, religious communication, and online media; it is also of interest for decision makers, as well as for professionals in communication offices of Church institutions and other religious bodies, who want to gather a more extensive and deep background on the field. [Publisher's Text]

    250 p.

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