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Della Porta Editori is an independent publishing house which specialises in history books. Our company was founded in 2008 by Ignazio and Lucia Della Porta and it is now based in Pisa, Tuscany.
Dedicated to excellence, our purpose is to publish books that appeal to academics, students and researchers as well as to a broad cross-section of general readers.
The first book published was 1905. La Vera Rivoluzione Russia, a riveting and detailed account of the Russian revolution of 1905, written by the historian Ettore Cinnella, which is considered Italy's greatest expert in Russian history.
We now have three lists active: Sentieri, dedicated to contemporary history, with a strong focus on Russian and East-European History, as well as the history of Communism; Biografie, which aims to illustrate historical events through the life stories of their protagonists; Ritratti, dedicated to interviews with distinguished contemporary figures.
We are guided in our selection of titles by an advisory board of scholars drawn from the University of Pisa.

We are nationally distributed by PDE and our publishing output is available in digital format through different platforms.
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