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New Publishers on Torrossa

The Alpes Italia publishing house plays an active role in the communication and training of professionals in the field of Social Sciences, Psychology and Pedagogy. Prestigious Italian and foreign authors contribute to the catalogue, with a range of essays, periodicals, volumes for university and professional use, handbooks, electronic titles and multimedia works.

The Centro Studi Piemontesi-Ca dë Studi Piemontèis was founded in Turin by Renzo Gandolfo in 1969 with the aim of restoring vigor and dignity to the culture of the region in a European and international context. The publishing house boasts a catalogue of 400 titles and focuses its work on a wide range of subjects relevant to and reflecting the Piedmont region. One of the most significant of these is the magazine «Studi Piemontesi»: a review of interdisciplinary studies that covers Piedmont and its territory, which has been running since 1972. 

The Agorà Libreria Editrice, was established at the same time as its namesake bookstore, with a particular interest in themes relating to the territory of Belluno and cultural aspects of the area, from science to photography, and from tourism theory to history.