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The publications of the Pontifical Biblical Institute are the property of the College of the Jesuits of the Institute. The first director of publications was Albert Vaccari, S.J., from 1913 to 1920.
Among the publications of the Institute the following are particularly noteworthy:
  • 1. Series . Four of these scholarly series are no longer being published: Scripta Pontifici Instituti Biblici (more than 100 volumes, 1913-1964); Orientalia (55 monographs, 1920-1930); Materialen zum Sumerischen Lexikon (18 volumes, 1936-1986); Analecta Orientalia (55 volumes, 1931-1999). Four other series continue: Biblica et Orientalia (49 volumes; this series is a continuation of Sacra Scriptura Antiquitatibus Orientalibus Illustrata. 1928-1935); Analecta Biblica 179 volumes, from 1952 to the present: Studia Pohl, Series Maior (19 volumes from 1969 to the present; the Series Minor, with 17 volumes from 1967 to 1990, is no longer published); Subsidia Biblica (36 volumes beginning in 1972).
  • 2. Journals. Verbum Domini (1921-1969); Biblica (begun in 1920 and including the Elenchus Bibliographicus Biblicus up until 1967 when it began to be published separately from Biblica from 1968 to 1984 when it was replaced by The Elenchus of Biblica beginning in 1985); Orientalia (begun in 1932). The principal editors of Biblica were: Leopold Fonck, S.J., the founder (1920-1925); Augustin Bea, S.J. (1931-1950); Ernst Vogt, S.J. (1950-1963); and, more recently, Horacio Simian-Yofre, S.J. (from 1984 to the present). The principal editors of the journal Orientalia: Anton Deimel, S.J., the founder (1930-1932); Alfred Pohl (1935-1961), Adhémar Massart, S.J. (1964-1981); and Werner Mayer, S.J. (1990 to the present). The compilers of the Elenchus: Leopold Fonck, S.J., the founder (1920-1925); Peter Nober, S.J. (1949-1979), Robert North, S.J. (1979-1995); and Robert Althann, S.J. (1995 to the present).
Various presses handled the printing of these publications: The 'Pio X' printed almost all the volumes of the series Analecta Orientalia and Materialen zu Sumerischen Lexikon as well as Biblica up to 1984, and has printed Orientalia from its founding up until the present; the press of the Pontifical Gregorian University printed Analecta Biblica from 1952 to 1998, and Biblica from 1985 to l998; the printing company 'Don Bosco' printed Biblica from 1998 to 2002; the press 'Pio XI' has printed Biblica from 2002 to the present time. From 1998 articles of Biblica have been available on line.

The managers of the publications of the Institute have followed in the footsteps of Alberto Vaccari, S.J. Among them were: Ignacio Padró, S.J. (1925-1955), followed by Bro. Rafael Sampedro, S.J. Brother Sampedro began his work at the Institute in 1948. In 1956 the Administration of the Publications (Ammistrazione Pubblicazioni) underwent a reorganization of its existing staff. From 1965 Brother Sampedro had the title of Director of the Administration of Publications. In 1968 a bookstore of the Institute was renewed in the ground floor of the library building. From 1973 to 1980 the Director of the combined operations of the Administration of Publications and the Bookstore was Mr. Giovanni Battista Santucci. From 1981 to 1984 José Antonio Esquivel, S.J. was in charge of operations. In 1983 the management of the publications and of the bookstores of the Biblical Institute and of the Gregorian University were combined and the offices for the publications (l'Editrice PUG- PIB) were installed in the ground floor of the Institute's library building, while the bookstores of the Biblical Institute and of the Gregorian University were merged and situated in the latter's main building. Since then the principal directors of the combined publications and bookstore were Pasquale Puca, S.J. (1987-1997) and, more recently, Peter Brook, S.J. (2003-1008).

From 2008 Dr. Katia Paoletti has been the manager of this entire enterprise, publishing house and bookstore, with the title Gregorian & Biblical Press. A branch has been inaugurated at the Pontifical Oriental Institute.
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